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.  ( ORIGINATING  FROM  THE  EPIC - NOVEL   SIGNATURE  PLACE   by  JOSHUA  CRAWFORD )                                                                                                                                        www/facebook.com/ThrillerBabyNEWS !

A   W O R D   F R O M   J O S H U A   C R A W F O R D:
After scouting the Net, over and over again, for anything that had to do with the generation I grew up in, I found that there was no such site that existed where ANYBODY could find anything they wanted about the 1980s. From 80s movies ... to 80s T-shirts ... to unique 80s trivia ... to how to throw an 80s party, and of course, my one little myspace page devoted to this exact website; myspace.com/ThrillerBabyGeneration . We welcome all ThrillerBabies, no matter what race, color, or creed, and we'd love to have you as a friend and leave us a comment; we LOVE comments AND suggestions for our growing little page; as part of the main reason I created ThrillerBaby.com was so that all us ThrillerBabies throughout the world could have a place to come and share our thoughts, out stories, our nostalgia, and communicate with each other in our THRILLERBABY FORUM. I'm always here to help in any way, just send me an email with any question or suggestion you have to make this site as informative and friendly as possible. One rule though; you've got to be a THRILLER-BABY !

Now let's get started! 
And remember, if you come across any new 80s sites you just love, or any sites or links you think fellow ThrillerBabies might be interested in, LET US KNOW!
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Have a compliment? Send us one, we'll post it! Who knows, I might even toss you a free CD of some of my music ... you never know.
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# 1.  Our first site is one that I have proud personal ties with because my well-known review of the classic 1980 film SOMEWHERE IN TIME is on it.
is one of the coolest and most unique websites I've heard had the pleasure to be a part of. And they were one of the first sites on the WEB to go totally SPAM-FREE with the design of their site, but were also one of the 1st to allow INTERACTION with fellow ThrillerBabies years before Wikipeida even existed. The site is nothing but 80s movies ,,, but 80s movies with EVERY WHICH WAY IN THE WORLD to either watch them, buy them, collect rare out-of-print soundtracks to them, find auctions to fetch one of their original film posters ... this is of course in addition to all the thousands of movie-reviews that over the couse of 8 years, has almost completely been authored by any average ThrillerBaby who knows and loves their 80s movies. FastRewind has it all. Started by Nick Alaway at the start of the 21st century, they have upcoming DVD releases of certain films that I'm sure any ThrillerBaby will enjoy if they've been waiting for one of their favorite 80s movie that hasn't been released to DVD yet. And I urge you to buy these films through THEM. Even 8 years later, they remain entirely SPAM-FREE with no annoying pop-ups; and millions visit their site daily. Check 'em out and tell 'em Joshua Crawford at ThrillerBaby.com semt cha! I'm sure they'd love your company ... AND any review for an 80s film that hasn't been written yet. They also have a 70s site called 70s.fast-rewind.com. Amd it's still fairly underdeveloped. So I'm certain they would love you wonderful ThrillerBabies who love 70s films as well, to contribute to the site to help it grow.
(My review that even SCHOLARS have used in their THESIS PAPERS is
Somewhere In Time by Joshua Crawford.
Fast-rewind and I go way back. I use to provid unique pieces of trivia for their 80s soundtrack in their early years, and they would've loved for me, being the author of Signature Place, to write more reviews, but I had to move on to some more personal projects at the time; one of those projects being trying to get Signature Place published ... the other, to build THIS much-needed labor of love; ThrillerBaby.com ! And Fast Rewind led me to personally correspond with Frank Stallone; Sylvester's brother whose music I just love. So you never know what life can do when you get on this thing called the Internet. 
Tell Nick that Joshua Crawford said "hi." and tell him that we'd love him to sign our guestbook!

#2. 80sTees.com 
Need we say more? Started by a ThillerBaby himself,  Kevin Stecko was born in 1977, and grew up with practically all the characters and titles he sells. He graduated in 1999 from Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science in Geo-Environmental Engineering, and shortly before graduation, he wore a He-Man T-shirt to a local park, and kept getting so many compliments, that he started an entire 80s-T-shirt company. Now's he's got ads in Enterainment Weekly and Rolling Stone.
What a ThrillerBaby success story! 
And who better to help you throw that RETRO 80s PARTY or get you in the ThrillerBaby mood?


Where would we be without them? Thanks to Sean Penn briefly wearing them in Fast Times At Ridgemont High in 1982 as "Spicoli", the decade grew into a variety of checkers. Originally known as the Van Doren Rubber Company, Vans was founded on March 16, 1966 by Paul Van Doren, Jim Van Doren (Brother), Serge D'Elia (Investor based in Japan), and Gordy Lee on 704 E. Broadway in Los Angeles, CA where they aimed to create the ultimate surfer/skateboard shoe that could GRIP! When a dimonded-bottom-sole design didn't grip strong enough, however, they added verticle lines ... and gwalah!; thus they came up with the 'WAFFLE' tread design that toughened things up a little, and prevented less friction. I had to have a pair specially made for me during the dawn of the 1990s when I was writing my 1st novel because they simply weren't making them anymore! NOW, however, they've made a wonderful comeback!
( Am 'I' the reason? )
One of ThrillerBaby.com's main reasons for being created, was that I wanted to make "getting a pair of VANS!" a little easier than it was on me back in those mid-1990s when I seemed to be re-living my childhood in the 80s, long before anyone else was.
FINALLY, you don't have to have a JOURNEYS at the typical MALL;  As any one of these pics, link you directly to the CLASSIC "Off-The-Wall" slip-on model shoe on the Vans website, where you can choose from a variety of colors ... OR
simply just custom-create your OWN!
And the shoe isn't just in the
MENS section anymore, check in WOMENS, BOYS, YOUTH, MISSYS, TODDLERS, and even INFANTS (such as the pair featured on the home page of this site!) And if you click on "ACCESSORIES", you can even order wrist-bands, backpacks, wallets, and even duffle-bags and purses!
How ThrillerBaby is THAT ?
(The original COLOR style is BLACK / OFF-WHITE)

What's funny is that I never even SAW
Fast Times until I was in my early 20s.
That's how popular the shoe was.
And when they first began to get popular in the 80s,
you could only get them at BIKE stores.
Which, of course, was always sold out.

By the way ... here's me in 1984 in my very first pair while living at the REAL Signature Place that inspired the novel.

#4. AllMusic.com 
Believe it or not, although many MEDIA-PLAYERS that are built into pre-existing software for CPUs throughout the world often link   TO "AllMusic" when one rips and burns CDs, or turns entire catalogs of music into mp3-songs which the Media-Player will then retrieve the desired album's original COVER-ART for, there are some people ... that still don't quite know about AllMusic.com beyond just its ability to provide album cover-art, and thus don't know how massive and informativly valueable the site can indeed BE? 
            Part of any thrillerbaby's life ... is their strong love for amples amonts of many diverse genres of music, having been the first generation to witness music gaining an extra-layer of storytelling beyond just its melody and lyrics ... by the invention of MTV in 1981. Over the years as a lover of music myself, I stumbled across the site during the turn of the 21st century and found it odd that one single place existed where not only could anybody enter a song, album title, artist, or classical piece of music, but when they then popped-up a desired list OF that song title (since quite often, several different songs can be titled the same), one can even see the TIME-LENGTH of that particualr song ... OFF that particular album! This feature alone, is what is particularly useful to ThrillerBabies, because we were often raised with album-versions of songs in the 1980s ... as well as 'single-versions' that were shortened versions of the album version in order to condense the song for radio airplay ... or the songs were entirelly different mixes compared to the album-versions all together. Such is the case, for example, with the hit-song "NO ONE IS TO BLAME" by Howard Jones in 1985.
            The song, it its original album-version, was just an ordinary album-track off of Howard's DREAM IN TO ACTION album released to the public in 85. After Howard released the album's title song (DREAM INTO ACTION) and the song LIFE IN ONE DAY as singles that were very successful though, NO ONE IS TO BLAME began to be thought of as a potential 3rd single ... but only after the song was turned over to the mastermind of Phil Collins, who RE-MIXED the original album-cut, giving it a new time-length of  4 minutes and 14 seconds, compared to the 3 mintues and 28 seconds that the song originally was. Once this happened, the COLLINS version was released to radio, and those who, like me, LOVE BALLADS, heard what is perhaps the most memorable introduction of synthezied drum-loops combined with a melodic piano ever recorded.
            I frankly recal being in a Dillard's as a kid and hearing the song for the first time over the intercom that was airing Casey Kasem's weekly top-40 ... and once I heard those glorious piano keys that introduce the song, I was hooked with awe and rushed right over to Musicland just a few feet away, in order to pick up the 45-single.
(For those of you who are YOUNGER than us thriller-babies, 45s were mini-records that contained aprox. 2 songs; 1 on each side; with SIDE A being the inssued single to radio, and SIDE B usually being a lesser-known album-cut of another song that was not likely to be issued as a single; although in some cases, the B-SIDE became more popular than the A-SIDE because some DJ thought it was the better song and thus the B-SIDE became the unexpected hit; such was the case with Paula Abdul's STRAIGHT UP.)
            Often, I would've loved to purchase a certain artist's entire album for a healthy $10 bucks ... but would only have about $3 bucks to my pocket for the week ... and since 45s only cost about a couple bucks back then, I could usually get the hit off the album for a mere price of the complete album itself. Granted, when I did acquire a good 20 bucks to my name after several weeks of starving at lunch so that I could spend my lunch money on music, I could then afford to buy either 2 albums (10 bucks apiece) ... or ten 45s (at 2 bucks apiece) which exposed me to a much more broader world of artists and music than merely buying just two full length albums of only 2 artists ever could've.
            I was introduced to Howard Jones THROUGH this song, and then after getting home and seeing some of his older videos air on Mtv and liking them, I then decided it was worth it to buy the whole album; much like the current generations of today do with an artist when they simple buy one hit single for their iPod ... and then get so hooked by the song, that they crave more from that artist, therefore will pay for the entire album. With Jones though, once I did go buy the full album, I was shocked that the album-version of "NO ONE IS TO BLAME" was so different-sounding ... so empty sounding ... compared to the version that we all know and love today. And it was SHORTER too.
            Later in the 80s, when everyone was replacing their staticky 45s with digital clear-sounding CDs, this often made it difficult to hunt down the CD version of the original SINGLE-VERSION that was only released to 45; since the popularity of the song had died a bit over time, and would thus not appear on a CD until Jones released a GREATEST HITS album in the early 1990s.
            So in a nutshull, when someone is searching for any kind of music in the world, if they know the song, or the title of the album from which it's from, or the artist who sings it, ALLMUSIC.COM is HEAVEN because it allows you to trace that piece of music by knowing one of those 3; the title of the song, the artist that sings it, or the album it's off of. And even THEN, if there's a certain version of that song that you know only existed as a single-mix version that could not be found off the album, it's very important that you're able to see the TIME-LENGTH of that particualr version of that particualr song OFF that particualr album.
             "NO ONE IS TO BLAME" listed on a CD with a timelength of 3:18 would NOT be the one you know and love ... but that IS the REAL ORIGINAL version. However, if you know that the song ran longer than that, and thus see it off another album with a time-length of 4:14, then you KNOW you've got the right cut! Granted, it takes a lot of time to listen to each song and each compilation album that it has appeared on over the years ... JUST to make sure it is the one you grew up with. But if you've loved music your whole life, and know that the version you want is a little longer, ALLMUSIC.COM is wonderful in giving absolute detail to each album ... ever released ... with every piece of cover-art you can imagine, and TIME-LENGTHS for each version of the song off each different album.
            When doing research for this website in order to include it here on ThrillerBaby to share it with the rest of the thrillerbaby world, I even discovered that even 'I' am on it. My well-known song, "PLAY ME" being the perfect example of a song that also shares a title with Mr. Neil Dimond, but are two totally diferrent songs alltogether. Let's say someone hears PLAY ME ... at a DILLARD's and the DJ over the intercom never says who sings it. That person can go to ALLMUSIC.COM, enter the title, and knowing that it DEFINITLY was NOT Neil Diamond, they can keep scrolling down the POP-UP list that ALLMUSIC provides, where it eventually lists "JOSHUA CRAWFORD". So they click on it, sample it out, hear it, and presto; they found the right song with a rather well known title! (By a rather overlooked dude!)
            The complete length of PLAY ME is about 5:15. But some radio-stations clipped its beginning, and thus the certain versions clock in at about 5 mintues. Over time, I have devloped a reputation for being one of the few artists who can write a song over that 5-minute length, while allowing the song melodically to not SOUND that long. (Radio stations, up till I came along at least, didn't like to play anything over that 5minute length!.) Therefore, fans of my work, indeed want the complete version. ALLMUSIC can list songs and their timelengths like that, and helps narrow down endlessly having to Googelize the song to death in order to find out how many albums it appeared on over time and which versions appeared on which album.
            When you enter a title into the searchbox at ALLMUSIC.COM, granted, the site is so massive that it might take a few seconds for the results of the title you entered, but once those results pop up, it lists all the different versions ... with their artists ... and even their songwriters ... then gives a number of all those albums that the song has appeared on. I, for one, if I know that the artist didn't have but a hit or two, would much more prefer to buy the song off an album that featured several different artists, compared to the entire album of the same artist ... just to get the one song.
            The song "DIMAONDS" by the great Herb Alpert is another great example. It's a song that was sung by Janet Jackson, but one that trumpet-player Herb put together, so it was never released under Janet's name. Thus even in the 80s, although the video featured Janet, if one wanted to buy the song, it was no where to be found off any of Janet's albums. Only Herb's. Even when Janet released a Greatest Hits album in the 90s, "DIAMONDS" was nowhere to be found ... because it was Herb that released it. And if you didn't get the 45 of it in the 80s, but knew that it one day might appear on a CD of other 80s lost hits, you enter the song into ALLMUSIC, click on Herb's name once the results come up, and then you can disocover, as I recently did, that the song appeared on a compliation album called JAMMIN GROOVES just a few years ago; PRESTO! I finally have it on CD ... along with a batch of other wonderful lost hits of the 80s.
            As a kid, I use to have to go to record-stores and spend hours looking at their big yellow-book catalogs in order to try and find songs that had a common title, but were one-hitters. And even then, I often had to gamble if I never knew who sang the thing, and had to order five or ten songs of the same title but with different artists, hopeing and praying that one of those five would be the song I was looking for when these SPECIAL ORDERS finally came in (which often took 3 to 4 months).
            With ALLMUSIC, I can enter what I think is the title after I've Googled some lyrics, and then up pops all the albums that the song appears on. I can then SAMPLE those songs by listening to snippets of them, and then PRESTO: I hear the version that I love! And PRESTO AGAIN! I now know what the song is titled, who sings it, when it came out, who wrote it, what time-lengths it is, and what albums it appeared on AT those time-lengths! And can download the sucker.
            One day I hope to see AllMusic feature SONG-LYRICS, where if one knows just a few lyrics, but don't know the title, nor the artist that sings it, the pop-up will reveal the top 5 songs that feature those lyrics and then that could help one find out a song that they can't get out of their head, but don't know how to find it?
Now THAT would be a cool feature!
            Some of my earlier performances as a singer ... was walking into those record-shops as a kid and humming my little heart out because I didn't know what the song was called or who sang it. Here's is just one of hundreds of the kinds of conversations I had with music-dealers when I was 10:

CLERK: "Hi there Joshua Crawford, I work here at MusicLand and how can I help you today?"
CRAWFORD "Well there Clerk, there's this cool song I love but I don't know what it's called or who sings it. I only know how it sounds. And it even sounds like it has my name in it."
CLERK: "Really Crawford? Hmm. Sing it for me."
CRAWFORD: "Jee. Ok, (checks over shoulder so that nobody is watching, then looks back at clerk and clears throat): "It goes like THIS: "Oh Josh ... keep it down now, this is scary !"
CLERK LAUGHS: "I can see why you think that it says 'scary' in the lyrics Crawford, but what it's REALLY saying, is "Oh SHUSH, keep it down now, VOICES CARRY! And THAT is what it's called. It's by the group TILL TUESDAY. Let's see if we have it in stock. YEP, HERE YOU GO!"

I can't say enough about AllMusic.COM
In retrospect, it does the humming FOR you ... if you just know the title or the artist or the album. And if you don't know either, Google what lyrics you think you know which will give you some possible titles, then TAKE those titles and enter them on AllMusic.com and listen to some samples. Then presto: you got your song that was driving you crazy because you didn't know where you heard it, who sang it, what it was titled, and what album it appeared on.
Thanks to AllMusic, your iPod will be a little more fuller ... and your musical tastes will be a little more broader. Which is always a good thing and promotes growth even in PLANTS!
Trust me.
It's cool.
Like totally.

    The website Totally80sOnline. com is the home of the Internet's most entertaining "all-80's" radio station. Streaming the widest variety of 80's favorites from all genres, the station boasts over 2000 songs in rotation.
        The station was conceived and founded by fellow thrillerbaby Aaron Phillips, 44, of Grand Junction, Colorado who is a 20 year professional radio broadcaster. Having grown up listening to and collecting the music of the 80's, gives Aaron a unique thrillerbaby perspective on the music and memories of America's most beloved decade.
        The popular thrillerbaby station streams 24/7, requires no additional software downloads, and is absolutely FREE to enjoy, but donations are always welcome to offset expenses and keep the station on the air.
        The official station website of TOTALLY 80's RADIO was also created as a place to share 80's news and station bulletins, watch 80's music videos, and even try your luck in the 80's arcade.
(You can of course find Aaron on our growing ThrillerBaby "FRIENDS LIST" at









































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