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                                        " Out  of  the  ruins,  out  from  the  wreckage,  can't  make  the  same  mistake  this  time   . 
                                                                                                  We  are  the  children
 . . . the  last  generation. We  are  the  ones  they  left  behind  .
                                                And  I  wonder  when  we  are  ever  gonna  change.  Living  under  the  fear . . . 'til  nothing  else  remains
                                                                     . . .  Looking  for  something  we  can  rely  on . . . there's  got  to  be  something  better  out  there   
                                                                                                                                                               . . .  Love   and   compassion.  That  day  is  coming   .
                                                                                                                                                                                             All  else  are  castles  built  in  the  air  .
                                                                                                                              Will  our  story  shine  like  a  light  ...  or  end  in  the  dark   ? "

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Tina Turner . 
                                                                                                                                    Dissecting the Generation

            Though some might overlook it, an interesting statistic about the generation born to the Baby Boomers, (the ThrillerBabies), is that most of this generation, witnessed an unprecedented event unlike any other, and witnessed it without even realizing it.

            It seems the Boomers themselves even overlooked the way in which they raised their young. For reasons still debated by many, in the late 1970s, the divorce-rate amongst Boomers started to skyrocket. And behold, thus ushered in the first generation in which the majority had grown up in single-parent (and sometimes non-existing ones at that due to the workforce) households. Even if the parents of many thriller babies were able to keep their marriage together, the thriving rich economy, and eventual long overdo merger of women entering the workforce, along with actor Michael Douglas’ famous Gordon Gecko speech in the 1987 film Wall Street where he preached that “greed … was good.,” the so called “yuppies” of their day, were themselves, the first such generation to aim highly at providing their families with the so called “double income.” Something that parents of these Baby Boomers, weren’t quite ready for, or society wasn’t for them, until the Boomers came along and demanded equal rights for women, including voting, equal pay, and the right to choose to have an abortion … which had only become legal in the United States in 1973, when ThrillerBabies were just starting to be born. And when abortion did become legal, the popularity to have one, rose to new heights in the 1970s, just as divorce did. Seeing that the legalization of abortion made having an abortion much more easily, perhaps one is unaware of how such a similar circumstance might just have led to the popularity of the divorce-rate in the 1970s as well?

            Though the FDA approved the birth-control pill in 1960, it wasn’t made available to women until 1965, and only “married women” at that. “Unmarried women” weren’t allowed to use it till 1972; again right around the same timeframe that abortion became legal … and the divorce-rate started to escalate.

            But the strangest statistic of all, is the fact that most parents of these Baby Boomers, whom I created the name “Big Banders” for in my coming-of-age ThrillerBaby novel Signature Place, is that the majority of these Big Banders, never divorced, and remained wedded, even to this very day, having overcome such milestones as The Great Depression , World War II, the Holocaust, and overcame it together, as a family unit. Not separately.
Baby Boomers, however, grew up with perhaps much more individuality, than their Big-Band parents ever knew existed:

            For starters, the invention of the automobile that was once a new and expensive luxury to Big-Banders, were to the Baby Boomers, who were coming of age in the 1960s, affordable. And such a vehicle made it easy for Boomers to grow up with wheels to see the world. Wheels that also provided more intimacy with a date than the Banders dared to conceive. And conceive they did. It’s not unusual to find that the average Thriller-Baby might’ve easily been conceived in the back of a car. Or at a hotel room that each of their parents met at a few times, after telling each of their parents that they were “studying with so and so.” Whether that “need” that led to such thriving ambition for women to enter the workforce was long overdo or not, one thing did pave the way for such a strong goal; the “feminist” movement.

            By the late 1960s, the feminist movement was already climbing. And by the time it was in full swing, in the early 1970s, American men were retuning home from Vietnam, confused as to why they went there.(?) Some suffered from exposure to Agent Orange. Others were missing limbs and feeling horrified that their home country in which they were retuning to (America), wasn’t the same country they‘d left; one that supported them. More so than most would ever expect, many men had acquired a taste for drugs; having been exposed to them overseas as a method to cope with battle and the mental aftershocks of what it did to one’s mind. Many of these addicted Vets suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome; crippling their dreams of ever being halfway capable of living any kind of a normal life or being in the company of those that hadn’t served.; including their spouses.
Often, those spouses found their men so traumatized, that they got a job, just to get away from them.
Yet the sex drive, as always, is stronger than rationality.
And here we come;
The thriller babies.

            Hippies it seems by the mid 1970s were taking two routes in life:
Driving across America, while smuggling a few barbiturates along the way to support their tank of gas and meet other hippies while seeing the world … or getting married, feeling bad that they ever experimented with drugs, and joining a church to help curve their psychedelic dreams of free-love in the 1960s. 1976’s The Omen, afterall, had caused the sale of The Holy Bible to triple, virtually overnight.
 Speaking of free-love, some parents, hippie or no hippie, were loosening up a bit in that love.
“Swinging” became a term every household., church or no church, knew.
AIDS wasn’t around then, and now that “The Pill” was out and abortion was legal,

having unsafe sex with anybody they wanted, was … well … socially accepted.
And marriage?
Well? It was getting easier to dissolve one … almost as if it were just a mere relationship with an annoying girlfriend.


Well, believe it or not, the man who would become President for the United States in 1980, governing thriller babies for the rest of the decade … actually may have had something to do with it!

            Yes, that same aging actor that we all love, the one that was blamed for the Iran Contra Affair, but was also the reason the Cold War was able to come to an end, and the Berlin Wall was crushed. The one that made the 1980s one big thriving economy;
one big party.
For God’s sake, the one that taught us how to fall in love with the Jelly Bean all over again.
Ronald Reagan.

            Up until the late 1960s, if a couple desired to end their marriage, it wasn’t always so easy. Divorce was just down right scandalous in the early part of the 20th century. Even to our Big-Bander grandparents, if you utter the D word to them (if they’re still living of course), they’ll tell you. You didn’t outcast anyone for a divorce, but you certainly questioned their ethics in life, if not their morals and belief in God. And a divorced man or a divorced woman was certainly harder to look attractive to another partner if they desired to get remarried.

            What perhaps no expert on the subject, no scientist, no religious historian, no psychologist, no women’s-rights activist, no proud parent has ever looked at … is just WHY then, did all these CHILDREN of those Big Banders (the Baby Boomers), suddenly dissolve so many marriages? And further more, dissolved them after already having US!?

            Since the divorce-rate peaked in the late 1970s and early 1980s, no one has thought to re-examine the unity of a partnership of two people and what usually causes that same partner, if they choose to, to throw in the towel on their attempt at marriage, and move on so easily.
I’m not going to say that the divorce option in a marriage isn’t needed. IT IS!
But part of the reason I spent 8 years of my life, years that I could’ve been dating and making new friends, and socializing with new people, enjoying the youth of my manhood after almost dying at 14 … I spent eight entire years choosing to write about these many divorces in Signature Place, simply because I thought if I did, I might find the answer to this burning question I had about just why our parents, our wonderful see-ya-on the-weekend parents, escalated that divorce-rate so high … and just happened to escalate it right after conceiving US! I thought maybe, by the end of the book, I would get the answer.
I don’t think I ever got one specific answer, but by documenting my generation from several different points of view, the ThrillerBabies, the Baby Boomers, the Big Banders … SEVERAL answers were laid before me, and in return, those several … continually led to several more, to this very day.

One of those answers, is the obvious one.

            Up until the mid 20th century, the “right to be an individual” simply was not part of the equation in achieving happiness in life. I’ve always thought the word, “happiness” should be replaced with the word “content” because everybody has their own perception of what happiness is. Up until the BabyBoomers, I believe the perception of happiness was shared as a global one; one that meant, you’re born, you’re raised, you’re grown, you’re financially stable, you’re married, you’re a parent, then a grandparent, then you die.
And if in between all of those major fazes in your brief 70 or 80 years on this planet, you happened to be with someone whom you shared your free-thinking mind with, and they appreciated your mind and shared one back with you, then you were happy.

            When I started the book in 1994, I wasn’t so much preparing to devote eight years of my life to completing it. But I was … ready … for answers. And by the time the last page was written, in April of 1999, I was beginning to grasp that perhaps I just happened to be born to forefathers who, themselves, happened to be the first generation in the world to “swing the pendulum” from happiness … to contentment;
the Baby Boomers.
The hippies.
The doomsday church goers.
The free thinkers that grew up with ‘portability’ beyond their own households. Portability that enabled them to “NOT” settle for less than anything they wanted. A generation who grew up watching the birth of TV which portrayed mothers waiting hand and foot on every other hand in foot in their families; The Leave It To Beavers. The Donna Reed Shows. The Ozzie And Harriets. Wondering themselves, “Was life this limiting? Doesn’t it have more to offer? Isn’t the world just a tad bit bigger than the town of Mayberry?”

The best analogy or metaphor I can come up with to put these 3 generations into simplier terms, is this:

            You’re hungry. You’re craving some breakfast cereal. You go to 7-11. They have 5 different brands. You spend 5 seconds looking over each brand with your eyes. You buy one, you go home, you pour yourself a bowl, and presto; breakfast is ready. For reading material, you’ve got the Newspaper and Life Magazine if you wish to partake of them.
For music, you’ve got Sinatra. And he can only be enjoyed when a radio-DJ happens to air him, or you have his records which have to be played on a large record-player that plugs into your wall.
For movies, you’ve got Gone With The Wind, The Wizard of Oz, and Shirley Temple and The Little Rascals and millions of movies that portray cigarettes as being perfectly natural pastimes.
And the war in which a man fights in, is one to prevent one sicko from taking over EVERY world.
The war is a success.
And “
why get a divorce? My wife has been waiting on my return from war.
Besides. To get a divorce, by law, a spouse has to claim some sort of battery or abuse or adultery to prove to the courts that a divorce is necessary
That’s the BigBanders.
The last generation to grow up with the ButcherMan for meats, the FireMan for fires, the MilkMan for Milk, and a small little deli for groceries. Because everybody needed to walk everywhere. And while you walked, you saw everyone ELSE walking, so naturally, you said “hi!” to them. “How are you doing today?”

Now let’s commercialize it.

Let’s enlarge the cereal isle from 5 … to 500.
And let’s advertise all 500 on that new invention called television, in between all those shows that featured mothers looking perfect, continually pouring those 500 for their beloved families.
And then let’s give them an automobile that enables them not just to visit one deli … but one THOUSAND if they wish.
Selection, after selection, you’re hungry. But by golly, “I wonder what kind of cereal exists outside Mayberry? Hmm. How bout I’ll starve for a little while in order to see this world that my new car will let me see. Something my parents didn’t have.
And as you’re traveling, you’re introduced to each new town’s specific farmlands; marijuana. Cocaine. Lsd.
For reading material, you’ve got the Newspaper, Life Magazine, and Playboy.
For music, you’ve got Elvis and The Beatles which you can now listen to in your car because of that new device called “the 8-track.”
And in SOME towns, you’re discovering that SOME societies actually allow women to not only work a man’s job, but also VOTE! And if she get’s knocked up? By golly, she can have an abortion and be done with the man that put her in that position in the first place, only to leave her. And even then, the birth-control pill comes out. Who says she even has to MARRY?
For movies, you’ve got Love Story, Woodstock, Easy Rider, Valley Of The Dolls, The Graduate, and Deep Throat.
To get a divorce, however,
something new has happened:
In 1969, to prevent either spouse from always having to say, “He beat me up, or she cheated on me,” an actor who has now become Governor of California named Ronald Reagan, has signed the “Family Law Act of 1970”; allowing couples to end their marriage without having to claim abuse or adultery or cruelty.
They now have a 3rd option to claim; and it’s merely two words; IRRECONCRIABLE DIFFERENCES.
Two words that pioneered NO FAULT DIVORCE.
This is the BabyBoomers.
The generation that “drag-raced” to say “Hi! How are you doing today?” because walking was now outdated.
And the war in which a man fights in, is one to prevent … well … hmmm.
Maybe I should forget I ever signed up.
Then again, I didn’t sign up. I was forced to go because I got drafted.
Maybe I should just settle down and get married and have kids.
Afterall. I can always claim IRRECONCRIABLE DIFFERENCES if I don’t end up liking it.
Does anybody have any downers?
I'd like to park my car, but I don't know how?
Maybe I'll build a bomb shelter in case the Russians attack us with that new bomb we invented

Now, let’s move on to those kids.

And let’s enlarge the cereal isle to … the WORLD.
Afterall, air-travel has gotten fairly reasonable.
And that “freedom to be an individual” that our parents fought so hard to achieve, has now broadened to “freedom to wear anything, cut our hair any way we want,
every day is like Halloween. And it’s entirely socially acceptable. Even if it could all end at any given moment because of Nuclear War caused by the Soviets … or the arrival of the Killer Bees … or we all get AIDS because of our natural desire to have sex with each other. Whichever comes first.
But even if the world ends, perhaps I’ll just be able to go to Mars or something.
I mean afterall; that landing-on-the-moon that our forefathers saw, has finally proved that, indeed, the world is much larger than Mayberry.
Mom? Dad? Isn’t that what you saw? Hello? Anybody? Mom? Dad?

I guess, to keep this wonderful house for us kids, they’ve BOTH gotta work.”
OR …
They’re getting a divorce because divorces are now easier to get. So I live with my mom.”
OR …
I live with my dad.”
For music, you’ve got Michael Jackson and Madonna.
And to PLAY that music, you’ve got Cassettes and CDs which can be plugged into your ears wherever you go.
For movies, you’ve got Star Wars, E.T., and Red Dawn.
Movies that can also be recorded to be watched over and over again, on that new thing called the V.C.R.; creating what I call "rewatchability"; something the BabyBoomers weren't accustomed to, as in their day, the only way someone who see the same film twice, was if they attended the screening of the film more than once upon its initial release to movie-theaters ... or happened to see it again if a television network every aired it years later ... or they saw it on  a re-release, which wasn't often done, unless the film was of some notoriety and had won an Oscar ... or was  a Disney film that in these pre-V.C.R. days, Disney often introduced his older films to new generations every eight to ten years.
But these re-watchability images were engraving your mind with moving images, over, and over, and over again. “Anybody wanna watch Die Hard for the 100th time?
OR …
We can NOW watch both music AND movies combined together in the form of this new thing called a MUSIC-VIDEO on MTV.”
OR …
We can spend our days at the mall instead of at the house because the mall has these new things called ARCADES; filled with those new inventions called video games.”
For reading material, you’ve got everything on your parents' shelves … AND in their closets.
Jeez. Do I want to read Playboy today? Or re-read Everything I always wanted to know about sex, but was afraid to ask.
Maybe I’ll just watch EITHER on that new thing called CABLE TELEVISION instead
OR …
I could always just SKIP reading, and go straight to the porn on the Internet.”
And the war in which a man fights is all because of … hmmm. To prevent anymore 9-11s.
Yet what are we fighting for? Every channel says it’s only getting worse?
Hmm. SPEAKING of 9-11s, I guess the days are gone where it’s safe to even say, “Hi. How are you doing today?” to your neighbor, in fear that they might be linked to terrorism, so I guess I’ll just talk to total strangers on MySpace. That’s much safer
To get a divorce, hell. “
I don’t have to get a divorce, because I don’t even have to MARRY!
Speaking of marriage, maybe I should pour some cereal for the kids for supper.
Jeez. The cereal isle has really GROWN over the years. Which one do I pick?
Perhaps I should just call in a pizza on my way home on my new CELL.
Hell, better yet. Let’s TEXT that pizza-order to save on my cell-phone bill and perhaps cause a wreck while I’m doing so!
Jeez. The kids would really like to see their grandparents more … I don’t want them to end up thinking that you have to order pizzas on cell phones forever in order to sit together at the dinner-table….
They need more interaction with family.
But getting grandpa and grandma in the same room, is always so tricky.
Yet … I wonder why THEIR parents never got divorces? Were they're closer to each other than couples are today? Were they closer to God? What’s life all about? Why does Tweedy never have a girlfriend? What IS tweedy? What is PIGLET? Jeez, maybe I should play some Pac-Man. I can play it at home now … I can listen to any song I WANT to at home now … OR on the road, whether I’m driving or NOT. I’ve got my iPod. And so do my children.
I miss Mtv. My kids don’t even know what a music-video IS? There’s always YouTube … but it’s not the same. I wish our generation had a name. So that I could explain to my children how and why I became the way I became. A name that would represent this certain time in history where my entire group of peers were unified my songs that had faces, pop-culture that had meaning, and enormous amounts of technology that would soon change the world, all while we were holding the fort down because both our parents worked, or they were divorced and HAD to work. A name that could have its own website, that featured everything about my generation so that I wouldn’t have to GOOGLE everything for hours, in order to find out about certain films of the 80s, where to look up songs I love but don’t know the titles to ... or know the title, but don’t know who sings them?
How 'bout … THILLER-BABY 

* Joshua Crawford, the voice of the Thriller Baby generation, can be found writing away on his piano while residing in Midland, TX.
An inspiriation to hundreds of other artists throughout the world, whether they be writers, musicians, actors, or directors, or just people with limitations, due to his determination against extraordinary odds in a rather harsh life, more of Crawford's life story can be found at www.JoshuaCrawford.com.
"Signature Place", the book that he wrote for eight years which coined the name "ThrillerBaby" ... can be found at www.SignaturePlace.com.
To this day, both his 2 novels, and his nearly 1,000 original songs, remain upbublished, and unrecorded, due to executive industry insiders throughout the entertainment world feeling that his work would never sale. The Play Me recordings are available at wherever fine downloads are sold, starting with CdBaby.com and iTunes
Thriller Babies throughout the world are welcomed to also join him on MySpace at MySpace.com/ThrillerBabyGeneration or MySpace.com/JoshuaCrawford.

We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)
by Tina Turner from the film
Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome, was first released in 1985 on Capital Records.
Though the song reached #2 on both the Billboard Hot 100 and the Billboard R&B charts, while reaching #3 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary charts, the song, written with lyrics that tie in to the endless "doomsday" atmosphere in the Mad Max films, is now considered a thrillerbaby classic; as it now seems like an ANTHEM to each and every ThrillerBaby throughout the world, because of its emphasis on peace and anit-war, and its haunting childrens voices at the tail end, speaking, "We don't need to know the way home. All we want is what's beyond Thunderdome." 
Signature Place author Joshua Crawford liked the song so much, he incorporated it into his first novel, TRUE - which remains unpublished.
    Interestingly enough, the song was written by Graham Lyle & Terry Britten, with Britten being the one who also co-wrote most of the pop songs for 1982's much beloved thrillerbaby classic film The Pirate Movie; one of the most 'pirated' soundtracks of all time (as it has never been released to CD) and one that just happens to make strong appearances on both this website (the song First Love, sung by Christopher Atkins & Kristy McNichol and written by Kit Hain, can be heard on our THRILLERBABY MOST WANTED page) ... as well as Crawford's Signature Place novel and its highly-desired soundtrack (both First Love ... and How Can I Live Without Her, also written by Britten, serve key elements to the novel's plot involving the ups-and-downs love-story relationship between two of the book's leading children characters.)
      WE  THOUGHT  SO !

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